Weekly Review – 08/09/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  Yup… Another Monday…  Recently, I made the switch to iced coffee as it’s been a little warm here in Denver, CO.  Anyways, grab your favorite beverage and catch up on a few articles. 8 Reasons Why Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Succeed [Article] – Is it time for another cup yet!? The Secret […]

Weekly Review – 12/21/2014

SL - Weekly Review

It’s definitely time for a warm beverage!  I’m back in MN for a while and it’s a bit chilly here compared to Colorado.  There’s only a slight time difference too.  I’m assuming coffee would help, right?  If this is the last post of mine you read be for the holiday season, have a safe and […]

Weekly Review – 11/09/2014

Weekly Review Featured Image

It’s starting to get a little brisk outside.  I bet you could use some coffee to stay warm.  So… Grab some coffee! Checky Tells You How Often You Check Your Phone [Article] – I’m actually afraid to install this.  I bet I check my phone over 200 times per day, sad. Gmail for Mac by […]

Shea’s iPhone 6 Review


First and foremost, this is a brief review.  Maybe I’ll write something a bit more in depth for the next major iPhone release. When I first opened up the iPhone 6 I didn’t quite know what to expect.  After all, I never saw one or held one until this day, but I saw quite a […]

iPhone 6 Videos and Reviews

The New iPhone6

  Are you thinking about getting the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?  Check out the links below to a ton of good content, tips, tricks, and reviews about the new iPhone. Disclaimer:  I did end up getting an iPhone 6 and love it!  However, I would have been a little happier if Apple kept […]