Weekly Review – 07/05/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  The first post of July and right after the 4th of July weekend.  Hope you all had a great and safe holiday weekend! Here’s how you can see who deleted you on Facebook [Article] – Just in case you’re self conscious about these types of things.  If you are, you might want to also […]

Weekly Review – 02/16/2015

SL - Weekly Review

Well fancy that, today was a company holiday for me.  With that said, I took full advantage and did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend.  I wonder how much bandwidth I used on Netflix.  Anyways, if you had a long weekend too, here are some things you may have missed last week.  Improve […]

Weekly Review – 10/06/2014

Weekly Review Featured Image

Put something witty here.  I’ve got nothing… [sips coffee] Why Both Coffee and Tea are Good for You [Article] – Definitely coffee in the morning and then tea in the evening. This is how the best bagels in the world were made back in 1979 [Video] – I wouldn’t have guessed that they were boiled for […]

Weekly Review – 06/30/2014

Ok folks, let’s start off the week right!  First, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and check out some links below.  Lastly, have a great day. Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment [Article] – I actually find this interesting.  Would you leave Facebook because of this? Cellphones, Then and Now [Article] – […]

Weekly Review – 10/13/2013

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

I’ll be honest, there wasn’t much going on last week that really stuck my fancy.  I won’t leave you empty handed though.  Here’s a virtual cup of coffee and some mediocre reads. Facebook Just Killed A Privacy Setting, So It’s A Good Time To Do Your Own Checkup [Article] – For some reason, this change […]