Weekly Review – 07/12/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  What a fantastic weekend! Ok, last week was pretty good too… but not as fun as the weekend?  What did you do!?  A couple breweries and standup paddleboarding for this guy!  Ok, here are hopefully some interesting articles that you may have missed over the weekend. How I Turned My Subaru Outback Into a […]

Weekly Review – 07/05/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  The first post of July and right after the 4th of July weekend.  Hope you all had a great and safe holiday weekend! Here’s how you can see who deleted you on Facebook [Article] – Just in case you’re self conscious about these types of things.  If you are, you might want to also […]

Weekly Review – 05/24/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  Most of you will probably be reading this on Monday (Memorial Day).  Please take a moment to remember what this day is about…  Ok, back to our usually scheduled programming. How To Change Mac OS X Screenshot Location [Article] – If you use multiple Mac computers, this might be useful.  I used a Google […]

Weekly Review – 05/17/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  Well… I’m glad this weekend is over but at least we all have closure for Mad Men.  Darn you AMC for airing the non-stop episodes for all of us to binge watch.  It’s Monday and I’m almost on my second pot of coffee.  Here are some articles that you may have missed last week. 12 […]

Weekly Review – 04/12/2015

SL - Weekly Review

Looking for something?  Well, hopefully this is what you were looking for!  Time for a cup of Joe and another Monday.  Cheers. MacBook Pro review (2015) [Video] – At first, I wasn’t too thrilled with the announcement of the new MacBook, but after seeing this, I could be persuaded into getting one.  Well, if I […]