Follow Friday – STOIC


This week’s Follow Friday recipient is… STOIC was just brought to my attention this morning and I was instantly intrigued.  STOIC’s purpose is short and sweet – “turn spreadsheets into mobile apps” I’m not quite sure what I would use this service for… maybe for listing out venues or locations for a website.  It could also […]

Follow Friday – HelloFax

HelloFax Logo

This week’s Follow Friday recipient is… When was the last time you had to send a fax?  Where is the nearest fax machine for you?  Mine is at work and I always have to learn how to use it when I need to send that one fax every year.  Here’s a new solution for you, […]

Follow Friday – Mega


This week’s Follow Friday recipient is… So Kim Dotcom ( is at it again!  This time it’s with an awesome and legitimate business.  Granted, I’m not one to speculate about his last one.  According to a recent article on The Next Web, Mega could be a Dropbox or Box killer. Check out these features: the […]

Follow Friday – Hootsuite


This week’s Follow Friday recipient is… Last week I started using HootSuite to manage my scheduled social media updates.  Consider HootSuite a one stop shop to update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more (here’s the full list).  I’m currently using the free account but I can already see the value in the Pro account, […]

Follow Friday – Busy Building Things

This week’s Follow Friday recipient is… I came across Busy Building Things sometime this week, I don’t remember where, but I was sucked in by their wallpaper section.  If you remember a while back, I wrote a post about F*ck it, Ship It.  Well, here’s another rendition of that motto and a few more motivational […]