Weekly Review – 06/28/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  Grab a coffee, take a break, and enjoy some of the links below! Followup.cc – Do you use email as a task management tool?  This might be your ticket if you want to get email reminders/scheduled email to come to your inbox to take action on. This deep fried Big Mac is the pinnacle […]

Weekly Review – 06/21/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

    It’s been in the high 90’s here in Colorado for the past few days.  It’s still not too hot to have that steamy cup of coffee in the morning.  So, time to fill that cup up and catch up on a few things that you may have missed last week. Devs Use Minor […]

Using the iPad to get things done!


I like using my iPad to get things done because it’s very single threaded. As in, there’s not a whole lot of multitasking going on or the ability to multitask very easily. I find that using the iPad for reading, writing, email, watching Netflix, etc. is much easier because there are fewer distractions and it’s […]

Weekly Review – 06/14/2015

Weekly Review - Coffee

  Last weekend, the m2m4deano Minnesota bike ride was a success!  This weekend was also a great weekend for biking here in Colorado.  Here are some things that you may have missed if you were out and about. How To Cancel A Message From Being Sent On iPhone [Article] – I wish there was a cancel […]