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37signals is an awesome company for many reasons.  I could write a blog post for each but the main reason why I want to share them with you is for their blog: signal vs. noise.  I was recently inspired by two of their blog posts:

The end of formality

Thankfully, there seems to be a cure: Companies started and run by doers. People close enough to the work to see the damage of formality and who’ll have none of it.

In technology, the best and brightest have long belonged to this class. Their images are iconic: Bezos in his jeans and sports coat, Jobs in his turtleneck and New Balance shoes, Zuckerberg in his hoodie.

Great customer service from the Mission Bicycle Company

I wanted to share a great experience I had when something went wrong. Shit happens – how companies deal with the shit is what sets apart the great ones from the other ones.

Key Take Aways and Insights

  • Responding to customers is imperitive.  How you respond will determine if the recommend you or not.  Remember, one bad experience can ruin the relationship forever.  A positive experience can mean a customer for life.
  • Partner with other folks in your industry.  There might be a time where you can’t be somewhere to fix something or offer advice but you might have a friend somewhere else in the world that can lend a hand.
  • I’ve worn a button up shirt and slacks for quite a few years now and there are days and weeks where I want nothing to do with them.  However, I do notice a sense of productivity while wearing them (contrary to the article).  I believe this is a mental association.  I’ve associated these clothes with getting things but NOT with creativity.  Most of my creative moments and creation is done either while at home or with friends in a casual environment.
  • Productivity, progress, or getting things done doesn’t mean your butt has to be in your chair in your cubicle! You’d be surprised what you can accomplish with a laptop, cell phone, and wifi.

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